Check out how you can earn FREE Classes

Don’t forget you can earn FREE CLASSES by going to and find Punch Austin Kettlebell Gym-North.
Sign up it is free! AN EASY WAY to receive FREE CLASSES by Earning points by checking in for classes, Facebook, referring your friends and family to the gym.
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Special Schedule for Labor Day

South Austin – 9:30 am class only – sign up at

North Austin – 9:00 am class only sign up at

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Contacts for North or South Austin

While we wait for our website to be updated : please feel free to contact Jason for the South Austin-Lamar Blvd at or Christine for the North Austin -Anderson Mill Rd at

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Find us on Facebook and stay up to date on the latest news

Punch Kettlebell Austin

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Summer Schedule

South Lamar Locataion
M-W-F 6 AM
M-T-W-R-F 9:30 AM
T-W-R 12 PM
M-T-W-R 5:45 PM
M-T-W-R 6:45 PM
Saturday 9 AM

North Anderson Mill
M-W-F 5:30 AM
M-T-W-R-F 9 AM
M 5 PM
M-T-W-R 6 PM
M-T-W-R 7 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM
Strongman Class Sat 9:45 AM

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